Are YOU Ready To Love Monday?

The window’s cracked open just enough to invite a gentle breeze and a sliver of sunlight into your softly dim bedroom. As you ever so slightly stir in your sleep and snuggle even more contentedly into your silky sheets, your dog rearranges herself in the crook of your knee. You are one with your eiderdown pillow while being entranced by a captivating dream. All is right in your world until …

Beeeeeeep. Beeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!


The alarm clock shocks you awake like ice-cold water in the face. Oh yuck, it can’t possibly be Monday already. Another workweek begins and the most you can hope for is that nothing out of the ordinary happens. Blah. Just get through it, you tell yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Boomtown Rats* anthem “I Don’t Like Mondays” needn’t be your theme song, but perhaps it’s been playing in your head for most or all of your work life. Life is short. It’s time to change your ringtone.

Instead of dreading work or being less than fully engaged once you’re there, how would it feel if you burst out of bed bounding with energy and enthusiasm to tackle the day’s work? Pretty darn good I bet. Believe me, it’s absolutely possible but unfortunately, all too uncommon!

In fact, a reported 80 percent of people are unhappy with their jobs, and 87 percent are disengaged with their work. With these sorry stats staring us in the face, is it really a surprise there are so many societal and physical ills around the globe today?

Welcome To Love Monday!

I created Love Monday to help turn those stats on their head. Love Monday is the name of my new coaching programs, job search tool support, career development guides and this blog, all of which are geared toward helping the smart, the determined and the spunky find their next career — work that excites them, fills their life with joy and meaning, and makes them really want to burst out of bed to get their week on its way.

If you already have a job, career or a business you love, you probably won’t spend much time here. But, if you are one of the 80 or 87 percenters above, then stick around because you are in the right place!!

So who am I and what’s my deal?trie-blog-pic

About Me, Trie

I’m Maria Katrien Heslin, and my friends call me Trie so I hope you will too (it’s pronounced like those glorious tall woody plants all around us). I specialize in helping 1) ambitious college students prepare for an amazing career and 2) fun, vivacious and ambitious Gen X and Boomer men and women who are eager to find a new job or career that makes them not just not dislike Monday, but actually love it madly!

You can read more about me, my background and how and why I do what I do here. In a nutshell, I’ve had a long, winding and pretty wonderful career path that has prepared me incredibly well for being a career transformation coach. My journey includes being a freelance writer (Mick Jagger was my favorite subject); Deputy Mayor (designing this bridge was one of my favorite feats); and teaching at Indiana University (amazingly cool students!). Animals, strong coffee, travel, the Jersey shore, writing, reading nonfiction, politics, yoga, dry wit, business and red wine are a few of my favorite things. I also really Love Monday, and love helping others feel that way, too.

The Love Monday, 7-Step Edge

I’ve been fortunate to help aspiring leaders and top executives in multiple fields — through teaching, private coaching, group coaching, laser training and success guides — identify and attain their next professional challenge, the type of work that fills them with excitement, inspiration and fulfillment.

My approach is built on 7 clear, proven steps that start with self-exploration and culminate with on-the-job thriving. These steps are critical because way too many job searches and career dreams tank because people don’t know the precise steps they need to take. Or, they skip around or zoom through them due to impatience or panic. As a result, they end up doing nothing or missing critical moves they should be making in order to land what they really want.

Finding what you love to do benefits not just you, but your future employer and coworkers, your friends and family, your community and beyond. There’s a huge ripple effect when people are engaged in work they are well suited to and really enjoy doing. They feel better, have more energy, are happier and more fulfilled, and the other aspects of their lives tend to pick up steam, too.

blog-7On my site, I’ve got an always-expanding library of resources for you (guides, articles, checklists, videos, mini how-tos) that can help you learn what the exact 7 steps are, how to tackle them and how to land work that excites and fulfills you.

Thanks so much for being here. Here’s to you finding the work that will make you burst out of bed every Monday with excitement. Welcome to Love Monday!

P.S. If you haven’t already, head over to Love Monday now and grab your copy of “Reimagine Monday: Your Exceptional Career Transformation Checklist,” featuring the 24 essential outcomes you need to achieve for maximum career transformation success.

trie-geldof* So, the Boomtown Rats … I became aware of lead singer Bob Geldof when he pulled together the genius Live Aid concerts back in the 1980s. I’ve always loved the idea of odd combinations of people — in this case musicians — hanging out together, and Live Aid was the first big charity-driven concert to do it.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Geldof and told him how I share with my students his strategy of how to get people on board with an idea or an event. When pulling together Live Aid, he said he would take a total gamble by calling up a group such as the Stones and saying, “Well, you know the Police are going to be part of the show,” (before actually asking the Police if they would) and he’d call the Police and say, “Well, the Stones are on board,” (before he had a firm “yes” from the Stones), and so it went, and that’s how he filled his roster with the top musical acts in the world.

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